Mechanical Seals


  • Mechanical seal is sealing device for any rotating equipments which prevent the inner fluid from leaking through the clearance between the rotating shaft and the housing case.
  • There are various type of mechanical seals for each application and operating condition of the equipment but in principle, mechanical seal is a face type seal which perform sealing by to sealing faces vertical to the shaft which is gland packing prevents leakage by sealing contact with the shaft.
  • Mechanical seals has been said that it required high initial cost and his hard to handle but it is now highly valued as an important functional part of the equipment, which enables long continuous operation of the production process and equipments and  thus final gives considerable profit to the operation.
  • Now the equipment being more and more sophisticated, Mechanical seal are equipped to not only pumps but other various equipments. Mechanical seal have become ideal sealing device which can meet every need of our times.
  • Therefore it can be used for long time free of maintenance, and it very effective and efficient in terms of reliability and economy.
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